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Our experienced providers are committed to a high standard of patient care and are here for you throughout every stage of your hearing journey.

Who We Are

Selecting a qualified hearing aid provider is one of the most important keys to your success.  Proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent  on the judgement and skill of the professional selecting your hearing aids.  Furthermore, you will be forging a long term relationship with this individual and practice, just as you do your doctor or dentist.

Our main focus is to provide superior customer service. We always spend the extra time needed to teach the patient how use and care for their hearing aids.

Digital Hearing Aid Centers has been helping people hear better for over 20 years.  Our hearing aid dispensers continually attend advanced training to stay up to date on latest methods and technology.  As technology advances, we advance in our evaluations and our choices of hearing amplification.  We are proud to be providers of the top manufacturers in the world.  We are equally proud to be able to provide hearing aid systems that make your communication life easier, whether that is to be able to listen to TV better, to hear your spouse clearer, and enjoy music again.  The ability to hear and understand those around you is crucial to your health, communication and happiness.

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Our Hearing Specialist

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Brian Eisermann

Owner/Hearing Aid Dispenser

Brian started working in his family”s hearing aid manufacturing and retail hearing aid business in 1984. His first position was in the repair lab where he learned how to trouble shoot and repair malfunctioning hearing aids. The repair lab worked on all brands, makes, and models of hearing aids. Next, he worked in the molding lab, where he made custom earmolds and custom shells for hearing aids. Then he worked in assembly bringing all of the components and custom hearing aid shells together to produce a final product. He has always been fascinated by technology having worked in the research and design of emergent hearing aid technologies. Brian’s knowledge of hearing aids is very deep and extensive.

He received his hearing aid dispenser’s license in 1991 and has been testing hearing and fitting hearing aids since. He especially enjoys learning about each patient”s experiences and life stories. Taking the time to learn about patient personalities and preferences plays a critical role in selecting and programming the hearing aids for each individual.

In his free time, Brian likes to build computers. He has built all of the computers in the practice as well as for home and for relatives.